Jan 5, 2021

2 min read

Our Subconscious

I think our subconscious might be the most interesting thing about a human. Our subconscious can make us do things without our knowledge but isn’t the subconscious apart of our knowledge? Sometimes our subconscious is bad. It makes us do things that are self-harming or harmful to others. But we don’t mean it right? Sometimes I think about my own self-destructive behaviors and if I think and go back far enough I know that I knew what I was doing. Maybe that’s because I am a natural overthinker, or maybe everyone has that same sense of knowing their subconscious. Is it called a subconscious because we know of it but choose to ignore it? Is what we think automatically what we do, or what we want? If so would intrusive thoughts even exist, because maybe a small part of us actually wants those dark thoughts to happen. As someone who suffers from intrusive thoughts, I’ve spent hours thinking about whether they were really intrusive or just thoughts that I have battled and berated with my conscious to not come to light because maybe it is something that I want. I believe the human mind is the scariest thing on earth since it is impossible to know one's true intentions. Is a thought still bad if you have no intention of acting on it? Or is even the thought of thinking that thought bad enough? Can we stop our thoughts if we’ve already thought about it? I’d love to hear your take. Once again I have no clue how this topic ended up here but I hope I can leave you with something to think about.

Stay thinking- Lila