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Just a writer who has a lot of thoughts.

I’ve found that oftentimes authors idolize their characters. Obviously, there’s character development in most books and maybe there's not, and the character development is often seen as a de-idolization of that character admitting that yes they have a problem but that problem gets fixed so now what? Is the character…

If you were to be represented solely by a color what color would it be? Mine would be purple not only because it’s my favorite color but also because it represents emotions that can be interpreted thousands of different ways, yet blue being the only consistent factor. Red and blue make purple, but so does pink and blue. I don’t know about you but when I think of pink I think light and happy, and when I think of red I think anger. Anger mixed with sadness would be red and blue, and happiness with sadness would be pink and blue. A bit confusing right? Exactly. Purple is a mix of everlasting emotions swirling throughout to make one sad yet beautiful color. I am purple.

I think our subconscious might be the most interesting thing about a human. Our subconscious can make us do things without our knowledge but isn’t the subconscious apart of our knowledge? Sometimes our subconscious is bad. It makes us do things that are self-harming or harmful to others. But we…

Kiwi Delilah

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